Note: The top six floors of this building are being redeveloped into 78 residential apartments. Construction is expected to complete in 2018.

Building type: 11 storey downtown office tower
Zoning: CMU, Commercial Mixed Use Zonel
Total leasable area: 140,054 sq. ft.
Unit types Office
Unit sizes: 400 - 63,500 sq. ft.
2 * 63,500 sq. ft. areas per floor
Mezzanine: N/A
Private entrance: A few units on the ground floor have a private entrance. All other units are accessible via a common lobby and entrances from the garage.
Retail exposure: Retail exposure on ground floor.
Overhead doors: N/A
Parking: Underground and ground level parking stalls available for rent.
There are at least ten commercial parking lots within two blocks of the building.
Street parking adjacent to the building is not permitted. There is limited metered parking on the street in the area.
Public transit: In front of building: route 16, route 52, route 104, route 105, route 160, route 161, route 162, route 202, route 209, route 413
More than ten other routes pass within two blocks of the building.
Corona LRT station
Special features: Distinguished lobby
Four elevators
Underground parking lot
Heart of the Government District
Near public transportation